GPS/Mobile Applications

The world runs on information and software is integral to communications, financial management and information retrieval. The natural progression for the user is to access these software applications from anywhere using various mobile environments: Cell Phones, PDAs and other handhelds. GMS (Global Mobile Systems) technology including higher bandwidth capability and GMRS (Global Mobile Radio Systems) allow for richer applications that allow the user to send and receive information containing images, text and sound.

GPS receivers have been miniaturized and are becoming very economical and accurate. GPS is included in cell phones and increasingly cars, boats, planes, construction equipment, movie making gear, farm machinery, and other assets. Traditionally used for navigational purposes, the GPS signal can also be used for tracking.

Astra Digital recognized that tracking assets using the GPS Signal and the Internet was forthcoming and in 2004, Astra Digital funded research and development of mobile applications using GPS. Thus the Astra Digital division, Astra Tracker was organized and the software service, GISMoE™ was born.

Our Software Developers in the Astra Tracker division designed and developed exciting new custom applications using GISMoE™. Astra Digital, Inc. developed a secure web portal that allows parents to track their children’s location in real time using cell phones running the CatTRAX™ application. Astra Digital is proud to be associated with C.A.T.S. Child Alert Tracking System™. , headquartered in Irvine, CA and dedicated to protecting our most valuable asset, our children.

Astra Digital has provided GPS enabled mobile applications in other forms as well. Contact us to see how we can help you with your mobile computing needs.