Internet Development

Astra Digital's approach to Internet development is revolutionary. We have taken the best web development features and combined them with the best of the traditional development features for the best possible solution: Running applications over the Internet that are rich and robust in features, but small and easy to deploy and maintain.

Difference between Web Development and Internet Development

Many people use the term web development synonymously with Internet development. Here at Astra Digital, we draw a distinction between the two, with the differences being:

  • Web Development: developing applications to run in a web browser, suitable for business-to-consumer type activities or for general publication of information.
  • Internet Development: developing applications that run outside a web browser, suitable for business-to-business type activities or for Intranet/Extranet access to centralized data stores. Microsoft calls this approach Smart Client, but we have been doing this for many years before they coined the term. See for more information on Microsoft Smart Client.

With today's technologies, developers can use traditional development tools (C++, Delphi, VB.NET, C#, etc.) to create native applications for the host operating system. Because these applications are designed and optimized for the user's environment, the full speed and robust features of the client machine can be exploited. Applications written with this solution connect to an application server via a socket connection or web services, and the application server/web service in turn communicates with a back-end datab ase server.

Here is a diagram of what this solution looks like:

Application ServerWith our Internet development solution, your native applications can run over the Internet, using a central set of business rules and data.

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